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La Medicina è Genere

INfluencer Specific Synchronous FAD Courses OMCEO Padua 03/05/2023 and 30/05/2023

Dear greetings and thanks to all technicians, organizers ... for really great support!

Giovannella Baggio
NDR - Resp. Scient.

Video Oculistica Sarda Live Surgery

Cagliari October 28, 2022

Dear Ms. Kavita,

Thank you for the courtesy and helpfulness with which you handled the event.
It was a useful experience professionally, but at the same time enjoyable and fun for all of us participants.
Congratulations to the entire Unika staff!

Vittorio Picardo

11th MEDITERRETINA CLUB International Meeting

RIMINI October 15-16, 2022

You're absolutely fantastic
Thank you 😍

Dr. Lars Risby

Il Percorso Oncologico: La Palliazione

February 10, 2022

I thank Dr. Musca for allowing me to participate in the Course below.
Best Regards

Dr. Stefania Cipollone

What's New Rewind GHC 20/21 Live Surgery Meeting

September 17-18, 2021

It was a meeting sincerely appreciated for content, organization, location, and mode in attendance!

In turn, I thank Dr. Beltrame and Unika Congressi.

See you at the next What's New!


Alba Cecchinato

WHAT'S NEW 2019 Joint Meeting with A.R.S.O.

Just a few lines to thank you for your hospitality, organization and punctuality.

I have been getting to know you little by little for years, and you are now a beautiful reference. With some of you, a beautiful and friendly relationship has also been established, which makes approaching and passing convention events a truly enjoyable time, far beyond what the occasion itself may mean.

You are an excellently organized, vital, smiling and super professional group.


We will definitely see each other again soon and it will always be a pleasure.

Thank you very much Serena, Kavita and Andrea

A dear greeting

Guido Prigione

That's fine with me. Thank you again for the truly remarkable organizational effort.

Paolo Brusini

Dear all and Dear all of Unika,

I think right and proper at the conclusion of the congress of Drs. Beltrame and Brusini,

To express my heartfelt thanks for your dedication and tirelessness in organizing the event.

Their efforts to make the live surgery session go smoothly were admirable and crucial. Serena and Kavita confronted surgeons, ferrists, general management, administrative staff, and myself with enviable patience.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Paul Lanzetta

Oculistica Pediatrica Pratica

Rome June 21, 2019

Kudos to you for a great organization and to you for being nice smart people!!!
Until next time...

Joseph Tarantino

XX Congresso Nazionale Givre

Rome April 4-6, 2019

I extend cordial greetings and congratulations on the organization.

Raphael Mancino

Good morning Stella and thank you for all your organization!

Rosangela Lattanzio

A thousand thanks, credit to the excellent organization.

Riccardo Sciacca

Thank you, it was a beautiful Congress. Congratulations on the organization

Federica Genovesi Ebert

XIX Congresso Nazionale Givre

Florence June 9-6, 2018

To the organizers of the event and all the staff of Givre and Unika congresses, I would like to congratulate them on their organization and extend my thanks for the invitation. See you soon

M. Coppola

Thank you and You all. You guys were really great!!! Greetings from the WOC World Congress in this hot Barcelona....

Antonello Spinnato

Dear Stella, thank you so much for the excellent organization of the TC we had in Florence. The accommodation was good, the car transfer by Renato Quadri perfect and the assistance the day prior to the course and during the Teaching Course excellent, as provided by Louisa. The audiovisual people very cooperative and helpful. The photographer very good. Congratulation to such a good and motivated team you have! The course became a success

Ingrid Kreissig

Convegno SLA/ALS Formazione e Informazione "Sdoganare la Malattia"

Ravenna December 16, 2017

Dearest, thank you for the great job and the wonderful success of the event Thank you again A hug and see you soon

Cristina Ianiro


Trieste, June 16-17-18, 2016

Thank you very much for your efforts on my behalf. I arrived back safely and am impressed how much better Ryanair was than I expected. It was very kind of you to take so much time on my behalf when you had so much work. I thought that the organization was remarkably good and everything went very smoothly. It was particularly impressive given the size of the meeting.

Nice organization of the congress. Dynamic and polite staff. Congratulations!

Congratulations on the excellent organization of GIVRE!

Thank you in before the hospitality and functionality' of all the activities' congress. Kudos to Prof. Tognetto for the quality of the meeting and the innovative slant he gave where finally everyone was able to appreciate in a didactic way the future technologies in the field of Vitreo-Retinal Surgery

Thank you for the kind words. I was absolutely amazed by the quality of talks and the live surgery, the level of organization that went into these was totally impressive. I do appreciate the invitation and I truly loved every minute of the conference. Congratulations again, and I do hope to be able to contribute another year as well, whenever you deem it appropriate. Have a wonderful summer

Peto Tunde

Hi Stella, This is to inform you that I would be pleased to send feedback regarding the Trieste Congress to the GIVRE Board of Directors. As you know, we only had a chance to talk about some issues, later resolved, related to the hours and days of the surgeries and the need for more sharing and communication between GIVRE and Companies; but I would like to give an overall and objective judgment. I think the Congress that just ended was one of the best I have ever attended nationally and internationally. Excellent program, reports and speakers. The live surgery was finally interesting and didactic; no longer a repetition of similar cases but a diversification of cases and complex pathologies that I believe help the image of GIVRE as a reference and training Society for the vitreoretinal surgeon. The location and logistical arrangements were also much appreciated.

Dear Scarlett, Many thanks to Prof. Tognetto for hospitality and congratulations for Vs impeccable organization! Best Regards

To Whom It May Concern, I have attended the GIVRE meeting in Trieste in June 2016, being helped by Kavita at Unika. The service provided was outstanding; I especially want to emphasize how attentive and efficient Kavita has been, and how she has been able to combine this with charm and grace. I wholeheartedly recommend her and the company for all organizations that are looking for a partner in organizing medical conferences.

Chirurgia Vitreo-retinica "A broad overview"

Bolzano, February 6, 2016

I attended the congress in Bolzano on the 6th c.m. I wanted to send a special thanks Mrs. Scarlett to your team who followed us perfectly. It is incumbent on me. Thank you all

28° Congresso Nazionale SIETO

Rome, October 9-10, 2015

Dear Scarlett Marinella and Stella, I hope your return home went well. I want to thank you personally and congratulate you on the organization and success of the congress. It was a real pleasure to work with you, and I hope the participants, speakers and SIETO board also enjoyed it. Thank you again

Angelo Minnella

XVIII Congresso Nazionale SIOL

Padua, October 1-2, 2015

Thank you truly for the PERFECT organization and for the PATIENCE you had in enduring and supporting the 1000000 requests from the speakers and Invitees.

I can only join him and thank you UNIKE girls for your kindness, patience and professionalism

We hereby wish to thank you for the perfect organization of the 18th NATIONAL CONGRESS of the Italian Ophthalmological Society (S.I.O.L.), held in Padua last Oct. 1-2. The high attendance and success of the event demonstrated the professionalism and quality of the Organizing Secretariat of Unika Congressi.

Meeting Conegliano 2015

Conegliano, September 25, 2015

Good morning, everyone. Thank you for the excellent organization of the conference and for the kindness of your contributors (my wife would like to introduce them to her son...).

John Prosdocimo

Compliment both the very interesting day and the perfect organization and kind hospitality.

Joint Meeting Givre/Sot

Mestre, June 5-6, 2015

I thank the organizers and the GIVRE Board of Directors for inviting me to participate in a Congress whose high quality of presentations and excellent organization I greatly appreciated. Many congratulations and again a heartfelt thank you,glad that the next congress will be held in Trieste, my affectionate hometown.

Thank you to Giorgio Beltrame, Marzio Chizzolini and all the staff of Unika Congressi for organizing the Congress and for the hospitality and kindness they showed me. A sincere hug to all

Thank you for the hospitality... Kudos for great Professionalism shown in all aspects of the Congress.

Very kind, it was really an interesting congress. I reciprocate the Thanksgiving and wish you well.

Scarlett thanks to YOU and your tremendous professionalism it was a really nice Congress. Thank on my behalf everyone.